Merciless Mings, HONDA N/Z600 God.

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Merciless Mings is the leading authority on HONDA N/Z600 cars.  His concourse level restorations have no equal.  With over thirty years experience working exclusively on HONDA 600 cars, he has become internationally recognized for his abilities in restoration and preservation of this historically significant automobile.

He is the largest supplier of new, used and reproduction parts in the Western hemisphere, if not the world.  Typically, he has many whole cars in stock, ready for restoration or to use for parts.  His shop in Duarte, California is the Mecca for HONDA 600 owners world wide, and is always busy.  In addition to the restoration work, Mings has a clientele with over 200 HONDA 600 cars that he maintains in the Southern California area.

(818) 355-5165    

9:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST)

Monday to Saturday

Call during business hours for an appointment, parts, or information

(No drop-ins, please.)






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October 2012 issue includes a "Honda N600 Buying Guide" with notes from Merciless, himself.

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